The Cornucopic Contraptions of the Green Man

The four steel fire caldrons are contained wood burning vessels of fire. They are safe to be around and are very approachable for the participants of the event. The safe zone is 10-15 ft during the most flammable times. We propose to store the contraptions along the esplanade across from our artist theme camp area YTBD. Hopefully 2:30 ish we will be able to depart from this area nightly. We will have a "wood chuck" vehicle that will re supply us as the nightly voyage progresses.

They will be fired, fed, maintained and operated by ten experienced crew members that are familiar with the characteristics of these contraptions. There will be a monitored situation so things don't get out of hand during the firing times. This will also aid in the cleanliness (keep the moop up) during the fueling and firings. Participants will be recruited to assist in the loading to add another aspect of the interactive nature of the sculptures. The fire caldrons will not be operated in extreme weather situations.

Playa Time
We will require three days prior to the event to set up and two days after the event to take down. The main set up crew of 4-5 people will need to arrive on the playa the Thursday before the gates open. Jaime, Casper, and the Nannies will be coming on Sunday mid day before the gate opens. The rest of the crew will arrive when the gate is open.
We will depart by the Wednesday after the event closes. The project will be assembled and taken down directly from our transportation vehicle. We will need an in/out gate pass to make trips on and off the playa before and during the event. We will also need a 24 hour playa pass for the duration of the event for a support & wood delivery vehicle.