Fire Caldron Parade

Bone Head

Texas Zippo Jr. & Smoke Ringer

Kitty Roaster & Pigeon Toaster

Such n Such Set Design

2 Headed Ass


Wandering Arrow


Hot Toddies Flaming Cabaret


Oh No! Circus

Fire Hazard


Artful Shelter




The Art of Such n Such Bonnaroo 2008
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Contraptions of a Green Man @ Burning Man 2007, photo by Jaime Ladet

Fire Caldron Parade
Charlie Smith & Jaime Ladet

Hot Mama, Mister Nice Guy, Teetering Cusps of Infanity & The Red Hot Cock will be part of the nightly fire show and act as themeatric elements of the fire show. Three fire caldrons will be pushed across the control zone during the fire show as theme components for fire play. By day they are placed in the such n such arena as aesthetic sculpture.