The Quadrapass Fundraising Workshop Series 2007 to be held in Atlanta, Georgia
Sign up now & be part of an international community building art experience.

This is a hands on metal working workshop series that will focus on building the working prototype for a large-scale fire caldron. The full size Quadrapass sculpture will be built in Cape Town South Africa Summer of 2007.

Led by Artists Charlie Smith and Jaime Ladet.

Visit the Quadrapass, Workshops & Synapses Project buttons on to learn more about this project and others like it! Come and be part of a cutting edge international art project, meet some new people and learn something new. Space is limited to only 6 persons per workshop session.

The two day Workshops are Sat & Sun from 9am to 3pm.
Cost is $250.00-$450.00 + this includes materials and expendable fees.
Cost is based on a sliding scale depending on what you can afford to give.

The proceeds of the workshop series will go towards the overhead costs of
the workshop series to be held in Cape Town, South Africa June 21-July 26, 2007.

Workshop Description:

1) We will review basic shop safety and the working operations of the equipment we will be using.   There will be a hand out with guidelines on shop safety, information about the sculpture and drawings of the project.   A workshop liability release form will be read, signed and completed before any work can begin in the studio.
2) The workshop will focus on developing basic metal working skills through building a sculptural volume.   Basic layout, cutting, welding, and finishing techniques will be used.   The sculptural element created during the workshop will be crafted from thin gauge sheet metal along with solid, and tube stock mild steel materials.   Each workshop will complete one section of the four part project.
3) Equipment / Tools we will be using
•  Miller 2050 will be for plasma torch cutting
•  FMB liquid cooled band saw to cut the parts for our art objects.
•  Miller Vintage 220v mig welder
•  Miller 135 115v mig welder.
•  Milwaukee angle grinder and sander to prepare the surfaces to be welded and to finish the seams on the art object.
4) Things you need to bring,
•  your fees either cash or cashiers check / money order
•  a pair of good leather work gloves (metal is hot and abrasive to work with).
•  eye & ear protection (it will be loud at times & stuff flies around so eye wear is mandatory)
•  a good clear level head ready to learn and explore
•  a lunch or snack, we have a microwave & fridge
•  if you have access to one a welding helmet   is always handy
5) By the end of the workshop each individual will have basic skills & knowledge of metal fabrication along with the experience of working with professional artists on their model making processes.

Quadrapass Workshop Schedule & Application
Reserve your space now by email or call with the dates you wish to attend.
We will need a 50% nonrefundable deposit along with the completed
application form to reserve your space
March 3-4, 2007 -4 spaces available (photos)
April 7-8, 2007 -1space available

Send email resevations and questions to -
Phone call reservations and questions -404-312-3109

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