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Triple Bypass
An International community building experience

Triple Bypass spans the continents of North America and Africa! Community-funded, community-built art projects are the next step in the future of art: an experiment in sharing and exploring art to build community through object.

Artists Charlie Smith and Jaime Ladet produced Triple Bypass with the assistance of Paul Jorgensen and a seed-money grant from the Black Rock Arts Foundation
( http://www.blackrockarts.org/grants/2006-grant-recipients/quadrapass ). 
The sculptural experience, Triple Bypass, is based on building a commonality between international artists of varying gender, social and ethnic classes in the South African region.   We hope to share both our knowledge of building sculptural form as well as community building with our participants.

The Project:

1. First, we led three weekend workshops to build Triple Bypass in the Cape Town region during June/July of 2007. Please visit http://howhowhow.com to learn more about similar projects and to view the artists' online portfolios
2. Then, Triple Bypass will be displayed and ablaze during an international burning art experience called Afrika Burns, www.afrikaburns.com .
3. After the event the sculpture will continue to be displayed in the South African region.