A Collaborative Budget

This project depends on different sources for financial support. Following is the description of how the grants and monies received will support this art experience.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation is providing funding for the travel costs, Raw materials & expendables to build the Quadrapass sculpture. $6,700.00

The USA Donor & Workshop Participants of financial contributions will be assisting to offset the monies needed to cover tools and equipment as well as financial needs of the persons traveling and teaching the workshops. This will also help to stipend the transportation & living expenses of the artists while in Africa along with the daily financial costs of the artist while working in South Africa. Our goal is to raise an additional $10,000.00 to help cover the project needs.

Charlie Smith, Jaime Ladet & Casper Xan, will deviate from our normal lives to travel and work within the art community of Cape Town and surrounding areas. Together we will build this interactive social study of a sculpture for the Quadrapass project. We will document with digital photography to post images to our website. This can serve to promote the art project and the interactive nature of the project to the community.   We will be investing our time to share the educational experience with the community and its participants who wish to collaborate with us in this project.